Orchid Safari 2004

This page is dedicated to our "Orchid Safari" arranged by our ever busy club secretary (Including the weather!) after popular request by the membership at the previous AGM.

An enjoyable time was had by all, as four members of the society kindly opened their greenhouses in early August to the rest of the society. A baking hot day with temperatures outside at 25°C plus, whilst reaching 38°C in some greenhouses.

Below are some pictures taken at the BBQ at the end of the day - Many flowers... and some orchids too!

"Preaching to the converted."


"I'm in charge."


"Musical Chairs."


"Where did you get that hat?"


"Honest, the bloom was this big!"


"Not another hat."


Schombergkia Thomsomiana pescatobolles strawberry fair x lunar deity
"This is not a
New Guinea Denbrobium"
"Name this bloom"

Hover the mouse over the pictures of the orchids to reveal their names...

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