Spring Show 2007

This page is dedicated to our Spring Show for 2007 where approximately 90 exhibits were judged. Although we were slightly worried about how few entries we were going to get, it was a good turnout.

Best in Show

This lovely Coelogyne cristata was awarded two trophies

Best in Show (Best in show Cup)
Best Specie (B.O.C. Tankard)

Exhibited by E. Fischer - Congratulations!
Coelogyne cristata
One standard Cymbidium Species or Hybrid - No plants exhibited  
One miniature Cymbidium Species or Hybrid

Best Cymbidium (Canterbury Trophy)

Awarded to Cymbidium Minnis exhibited by A. Downer.
Cymbidium Minnis
One Paphiopedilum Species or Hybrid

Best Paphiopedilum (Alan Hutt Cup)

Awarded to a Paphiopedilum delenatii exhibited by W. Lim.
Paphiopedilum delenatii
One Phragmipedium Species or Hybrid

Best Hybrid (The Wol Trophy)

Best Phragmipedium (Phragmipedium Cup)

Awarded to Phragmipedium Eric Young exhibited by A. Downer.
Phragmipedium Eric Young
One Odontoglossum Species or Hybrid

Best Odontoglossum Alliance Exhibit (Eileen Goff Trophy)

Awarded to Odontoglossum Violetta Von Holm exhibited by M. Foster.
Odontoglossum Violetta Von Holm
One Phalaenopsis Species

Awarded to Phalaenopsis philippinense exhibited by A. Downer.
Phalaenopsis philippinense
One Cattleya Hybrid

Awarded to Brassolaeliocattleya Spring Dawn exhibited by Dr B. Francis.
Brassolaeliocattleya Spring Dawn
One Cattleya Species

Reserve Best In Show (Yendell Trophy)

Best Cattleya Exhibit (Henley Trophy)

Awarded to Cattleya labiata semi alba coerulea exhibited by S. Mill.
Cattleya labiata
One Phalaenopsis Hybrid

Best Phalaenopsis Exhibit (Phalaenopsis Trophy)

Awarded to Phalaenopsis Apollo exhibited by D. Webb.
Phalaenopsis Apollo
One Dendrobium Species

Awarded to Dendrobium aggregatum exhibited by B. Heddle.
Dendrobium aggregatum
One Dendrobium Hybrid

Awarded to Dendrobium Stardust Chiyomi exhibited by D. Webb.
Dendrobium Stardust Chiyomi
One Oncidium Species or Hybrid

Awarded to Oncidium Isthmi exhibited by W. Lim.
Oncidium Isthmi
One Vanda Species or Hybrid - No plants exhibited  
Novice Class - One Hybrid

(The Novice Trophy)

Awarded to this Phalaenopsis hybrid exhibited by H & P Jones.
Phalaenopsis hybrid
Novice Class - One Species - No plants exhibited  
One European or Terrestrial - No plants exhibited  
A Group of Three Hybrid Orchids

Awarded to a collection of Phalaenopsis, exhibited by A. Downer.
A Group of Three Hybrid Orchids
A Group of Three Species Orchids - No plants exhibited  
A Group of any Three or more Orchids - No plants exhibited  
A Balanced Display of more than Three Orchids

(Les & Ethel Nichols Memorial Trophy)

Awarded to a collection exhibited by J. Walters.
Display of more than Three Orchids
An arrangement of mixed cut flowers to include Orchids

(Arrangement Trophy)

Awarded to an arrangement exhibited by H. Shellard.
Flower Arrangement
One Hybrid Orchid not mentioned before

Awarded to Sarcochilus Cheri Red Spots exhibited by D. Nichols.
Sarcochilus Cheri Red Spots
One Species Orchid not mentioned before

Best in Show (Best in show Cup)

Best Species (B.O.C. Tankard)

Awarded to Coelogyne cristata Exhibited by E. Fischer - Congratulations!
Coelogyne cristata
An Orchid Seedling flowering for the first time

Awarded to Ada aurantiaca exhibited by A. Downer.
Ada aurantiaca

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