Spring Show 2009

This page is dedicated to our Spring Show for 2009 where approximately 120 exhibits were judged.

Best in Show

This lovely Paphiopedilum Insigne x was awarded three trophies

Best in Show (The Hazel Noon Cup)
Best Hybrid (The Wol Trophy)
Best Paphiopedilum Exhibit (The Alan Hutt Trophy)

Exhibited by R. Copeman - Congratulations!
Paphiopedilum Insigne X
One standard Cymbidium Species or Hybrid

Awarded to this Cymbidium Astronaut 'Rajah' exhibited by H. Shellard.
Cymbidium Astronaut 'Rajah'
One miniature Cymbidium Species or Hybrid

Best Hybrid In Show (The Canterbury Trophy)

Awarded to this Cymbidium devonianum exhibited by K. Bridges.
Cymbidium devonianum
One Paphiopedilum Species or Hybrid

Due to the number of entries this class was split into two at the judges discretion:

Best Specie : Awarded to a Paphiopedilum droryi exhibited by D. Webb.

Best Hybrid : Awarded to a Paphiopedilum Insigne X exhibited by R. Copeman.
Paphiopedilum droryi

Paphiopedilum Insigne X
One Phragmipedium Species or Hybrid
- No plants exhibited
One Odontoglossum Species or Hybrid

Best Odontoglossum Alliance Exhibit (Eileen Goff Trophy)

Awarded to Odontoglossum pulchellum 'marjus' exhibited by M. Foster.
Odontoglossum pulchellum 'marjus'
One Phalaenopsis Specie

Awarded to Phalaenopsis amabilis exhibited by C. Goorney.
Phalaenopsis amabilis
One Cattleya Hybrid

Best Cattleya Alliance Exhibit (The Hendley Trophy)

Awarded to Brassolaeliocattleya Triumphal Coronation exhibited by J. Abbott.
Brassolaeliocattleya Triumphal Coronation
One Cattleya Species

Awarded to Cattleya intermedia exhibited by B. Heddle.
Cattleya intermedia
One Phalaenopsis Hybrid

Best Phalaenopsis Exhibit (The Phalaenopsis Trophy)

Awarded to this Phalaenopsis mannii x equestris exhibited by D. Webb.
Phalaenopsis mannii x equestris
One Dendrobium Species

Awarded to Dendrobium senile exhibited by D. Webb.
Dendrobium senile
One Dendrobium Hybrid

Awarded to Dendrobium Isle Mendenhall x Superstar Blackeye exhibited by J. Beaney.
Dendrobium Isle Mendenhall x Superstar Blackeye
One Oncidium Species or Hybrid

Awarded to Colmanara Wildcat exhibited by K. Bridges.
Colmanara Wildcat
One Vanda Species or Hybrid

Awarded to Sarcochilus Fitzhart x hartmannii exhibited by D. Nichols.
Sarcochilus Fitzhart x hartmannii
Novice Class - One Hybrid
- No plants exhibited
Novice Class - One Species
- No plants exhibited
One European or Terrestrial

Awarded to this Pleione exhibited by B Heddle.
A Group of Three Hybrid Orchids

Awarded to this collection of hybrid orchids, exhibited by R. Copeman.
A Group of Three Or More Hybrid Orchids
A Group of Three Species Orchids

Awarded to this collection of species orchids, exhibited by D. Denness.
A Group of Three Or More Species Orchids
A Group of any Three or more Orchids

Awarded to a collection of various orchids, exhibited by K. Bridges.
A Group of Three Or More Orchids
A Balanced Display of more than Three Orchids

The Ethel & Les Nichols Memorial Cup

Awarded to a collection exhibited by J. Walters.
Display of more than Three Orchids
An arrangement of mixed cut flowers to include Orchids

Awarded to this arrangement exhibited by H. Shellard.
Flower Arrangement
One Hybrid Orchid not mentioned before

Awarded to Epidendrum Plastic Doll exhibited by R. Copeman.
Epidendrum Plastic Doll
One Species Orchid not mentioned before

Due to the number of entries this class was split into two at the judges discretion:

Reserve Best In Show (The Yendell Trophy)
Best Species In Show (The British Orchid Council Trophy)
Genus Coelogyne : Awarded to a Coelogyne cristata exhibited by E. Fischer.

Other Genus : Awarded to a Laelia harpophylla exhibited by M. Foster.
Coelogyne cristata

Laelia harpophylla
An Orchid Seedling flowering for the first time

Awarded to Restrepia antenifera exhibited by D. Denness.
Restrepia antenifera

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